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*Screenshot creation and image downloads included. WordPress connections require account.

Capture, Annotate, Optimize and Upload Screenshots to any WordPress Website.

FooCapture is a Chrome Extension that Makes Your Screenshot Content Creation for Use in WordPress Faster and Easier Than Ever Before Possible

Screenshots Help Tell Your Story

Capturing screenshots is standard practice for many Internet businesses including professional blogging, tutorial and training sites, tech support, product documentation, web development, or just for sharing with friends on your social networks.

Save Time and Frustration

Screenshots are an especially important tool for professional content creators like you who are using WordPress to power your websites. But until now the process of capturing, annotating, optimizing, and uploading screenshot images to your WordPress Media Library has been frustrating and taken too much of your precious time and effort.

The Right Tool for the Job

The first and only screenshot tool to utilize the WordPress API giving you the option to deliver images directly (and securely) to the Media Libraries of your and powered websites.

SEO Optimized Images Without the Hassle

Your images get uploaded complete with search optimized meta data like Titles, Captions, File Names, and Descriptions. You can even optionally connect multiple WordPress sites and bulk upload images to one or multiple sites at the same time.

Secure Screenshot Uploads Directly to the Media Library of your or Powered Websites

FooCapture is the first and only screenshot tool to utilize the WP API to deliver images directly to your WordPress Media Library. See connection requirements.

Connect multiple WordPress sites and bulk upload images to one or all at the same time.

Images get uploaded complete with optimized meta data like File Names, Titles, Captions and Descriptions.

GET STARTED NOWand create a better screenshot workflow

*WordPress connections require an account.

All I can say is WOW. Game Changer also comes to mind.

Benjamin Fox, SIDEKICK PRO

Incorporating screenshots into my tutorial blog posts has always been a laborious process but an absolutely necessary one.

FooCapture makes my workflow 100 times easier by allowing me to grab the screenshot(s) I need and uploading directly into my WordPress media library, all without leaving my browser. Loving it!

Lucy Beer, Web Training Wheels

The Options You Expect...

  • Capture Selected Area

    Easily select the exact content you want and need for your final image. This enables you to focus in on the area of a web page that best represents your written content.

  • Capture Visible Page

    Create an image from the visible content that’s displayed in your browser window. Easily create images that show what the average user sees when loading web pages.

  • Capture Full Page

    Full page screenshots are perfect for web designers and developers. Generating images that show an entire page from top to bottom are perfect for showcasing your design skills.

and Exclusive FooCapture-Only Features

  • Take and Store Multiple Screenshots

    Store multiple images in the FooCapture “drawer” for easy download and optional upload in bulk. Perfect for step-by-step instructional images.

  • Image SEO Built Right In

    Add image meta data like titles, captions and descriptions right within FooCapture. If uploading to WordPress, this data will persist right into the Media Library.

  • Secure Upload to ANY WordPress Site

    Bypass the long and difficult process of downloading, editing, and uploading images. Upload directly from FooCapture right into your connected WordPress sites.

Captures were quick and smooth, especially for taking screenshots on the fly instead of doing it from a graphic editor program. It's kind of sexy and a great idea for WordPress users being able to upload direct to their Media Library.

Niles Flores,

So happy this is finally in my tool box. I’m going to save HOURS of time and unnecessary frustration! No more clumsy editing tools or walking clients through how to save and edit an image for their site. EASY!

Pam Blizzard,

Screenshot Annotation Tools

  • Pencil

    Draw, write and do anything else that can be done with traditional pencil.

  • Highlighter

    Draw the eye of your audience to specific content easily with the highlighter tool.

  • Arrows

    Use arrows to attract attention to the precise location you want your image viewers to see.

  • Line

    Easily create straight lines horizontally, vertically, or at any angle you need.

Size, Color, Opacity and Shadow Options

  • Rectangle

    Quickly designate an area of the the image that your image viewers should see.

  • Ellipse

    Same as the rectangle tool above, easily outline or fill certain areas of the image.

  • Pixelate

    Protect sensitive data like usernames and passwords easily.

  • Crop

    Didn’t take the perfect screenshot? Quickly crop your image to meet your exact specifications.

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How WordPress Connections and Uploads Work

WordPress Connection Requirements

In order to upload your FooCapture screenshots directly to the Media Libraries of your WordPress sites you will need two of these three things, depending on whether you're connecting to a or site.

  1. Free Account
  2. Account
  3. Free Jetpack Plugin (for self-hosted sites)

FooCapture securely connects to your WordPress sites using’s OAuth2 authentication system and REST API to deliver your screenshots directly to your Media Library.

Bonus: You can also connect multiple sites and upload images in bulk to one location or many at the same time.

The choice is yours.

Self Hosted Connections

There are two requirements in order to connect and upload screenshots directly to your Media Library... Account

It's likely you already have a account, even if you've never created a free blog there.

An account is required to use the Akismet and Jetpack plugins.

The WordPress Jetpack Plugin

FooCapture makes a secure connection to your WordPress site through the WP API.

In order to utilize this API, you must have the Jetpack plugin installed and the JSON API module activated. Account

Your subscription allows us to mitigate hosting and image delivery bandwidth costs.

We've crunched the numbers and have been able to keep our subscription cost ridiculously affordable.

Hosted Connections

To connect a free hosted site, all you need to do is verify your existing account credentials and have a subscription.

The WP API is already available to your installation by default.


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